Autoregressive Sequences Via Lévy Processes


  • Nadjib Bouzar University of Indianapolis



stationarity, semigroup of cumulant generating functions, self-decomposability, stability, time-reversibility


We use L´evy processes to develop a family of first-order autoregressive sequences of random variables with values in R+, called C-AR(1) processes. We obtain various distributional and regression properties for these processes and we establish a limit theorem that leads to the property of stationarity. A connection between stationarity of C-AR(1) processes and the notion of C-self-decomposability of van Harn and Steutel (1993) is discussed. A number of stationary C-AR(1) processes with specific marginals are presented and are shown to generalize several existing R+-valued AR(1) models. The question of time reversibility is addressed and some examples are discussed.



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Bouzar , N. (2022). Autoregressive Sequences Via Lévy Processes. REVSTAT-Statistical Journal, 8(2), 81–103.