Modelling Pages Left Blank in Univesity Examination - a resolution in higher education process

Accepted - July 2021



Truncated Poisson distribution, maximum likelihood estimation, utility function, environment protection


Trees are the main sources of paper production, in most of the cases, as far as the intellectual usages are concerned. However, our planet is lacking in that particular natural resource due to rapid growth of population, urbanization, and increased pollution, more importantly non-judicial utilization of such kind. Indian education sectors (schools, colleges, universities) utilize a major part in consumption of papers as a classical practice for conducting examinations and other documentation activities. Our attempt in this article is to investigate and provide an optimal estimate of the number of pages actually required in answer booklet in higher education sector. Truncated Poisson distribution is found to be the best fit for the data on number of pages left blank in an answer booklet after conduction of semester end examinations. To predict the outcome based on various factors such as, lines per pages, words per line, types of examinations etc. suitable regression modelling is performed. A real data set, collected over a period of one month, has been analysed to illustrate the methods and conclusion is accomplished in the direction of cost reduction, saving of papers, and in turn, logical uses of natural resource to protect environmental interests.



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