Averages for Multivariate Random Vectors with Random Weights

Distributional Characterization and Application


  • A.R. Soltani Shiraz University
  • Rasool Roozegar Yazd University




multivariate weighted average with random weights, multivariate Cauchy Stieltjes transform, Dirichlet distribution, multivariate stable distributions


We consider a random weights average of n independent continuous random vectors X1, ..., Xn, where random weights are cuts of [0, 1] by an increasing sequence of the order statistics of a random sample from a uniform [0, 1]. We employ the multivariate Stieltjes transform and Watson [15] celebrated formula involving the multivariate B-spline functions for distributional identification of multivariate random weights averages. We show that certain classes of Dirichlet and random scale stable random vectors are random weightes averages.



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Soltani , A., & Roozegar , R. (2020). Averages for Multivariate Random Vectors with Random Weights: Distributional Characterization and Application. REVSTAT-Statistical Journal, 18(4), 453–460. https://doi.org/10.57805/revstat.v18i4.311